Friday, November 2, 2012

Gay Hating Hurricanes, Really?

According to some, there is a God who uses gay hating hurricanes to make a point. This, of course, only happens between June and November, which is the traditional hurricane season.  The rest of the year all the heathens get a pass, so it seems.  The scary thing to me is this: millions of people believe this sort of crap!

There is no connection whatsoever between a hurricane and someone's sexual preference. Does this really need to be explained? If any argument could be made connecting Hurricane Sandy to human behavior, it would be about how much we have contributed to global warming by burning fossil fuels. Gay marriage, however, does not cause our oceans to become warmer and has nothing to do with steering a storm to a particular location.

If a hurricane were to materialize in mid-winter, when the oceans are cooler, and crash into New Orleans during Mardi Gras, well, then maybe I'd take a second look at this religious argument—especially if the storm spared all the churches but leveled the bars and bead clad genital flashers. Weather, though, does not operate by those guiding principles. Weather is indifferent to humans when it becomes destructive, it will destroy an orphanage as carelessly as it would a house of prostitution.

Isn't it silly that religious leaders like Pastor John McTernan and Rabbi Noson Leiter are exploiting this storm to express their own bigotry, and that they are trying to legitimize their claims because they think they speak for a God? When will we as a species outgrow this sort of nonsense? I'm not all that hopeful we ever will.

On the other hand, some saw the grace of God in this storm. It is difficult, though, for me to understand exactly why. One example is a photo being spread around the social media pages, it depicts a religious sand sculpture on the beach in Ocean City, MD. The claim is that God spared this sculpture while at the same time wrecking the mid Atlantic coast. If there is a God who was directing the destruction Hurricane Sandy caused, why did he destroy the property and lives of so many good people while saving what is, by comparison, a meaningless lump of sand? If there is a God who is this petty and vain, then this God is simply a dick.

Allen B. Carter


  1. You claim being gay does not cause hurricanes, then you blame human behavior for global warming- well isne gay behavior human behavior, or for that matter hetero sexual behavior- and eating, walking, talking, singing dancing- all of these behaviors create heat, and one thing leads to another-even my writing this comment causes changes in the weather- the so-called butterfly effect- so does gay behavior cause hurricanes- oh yeah- by the way- for all those SUV hating green people- the SUv's are not melting the ice caps-- after all I do not recall dinosaurs or cavemen driving SUVs.

    1. Retgroclk, you clearly did not grasp my comment. I wrote that if an argument "could" be made linking this hurricane to human behavior it would have to be about global warming, and how much we have contributed to this factual circumstance. Now, the rest of what you wrote was just silly. As for gay marriage causing this storm, one could easily argue that a God was pissed off at organized religion. Both of those arguments are flawed and have no basis in reality.

    2. @Retgroclk: I had more fun reading your bizarre comments than I had reading this blogpost. You made my day. Thank you.

    3. CatGunHome,

      Retgroclk is actually someone I know in real life. He is very capable of being He's a good guy, though.

      Thanks for reading my ramblings!